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What is Halal Nail Polish ?

Muslims are obliged to pray five times a day. In order to pray, they must perform “wudu,” which is a cleansing ritual with water. Most nail polishes are not water permeable, so they set up a barrier of sorts that prevents water from touching the skin. 

To properly complete the wudu -- and in turn, properly pray -- practicing Muslims will need to remove their nail polish each and every time. 

With traditional nail polish, this is inconvenient and very unhealthy for our nails. But with a water permeable solution, we can perform the wudu properly without having to worry about removing our nail polish. 

Halal nail polish  must not only be made of permissible ingredients, but it must also be water permeable so that the water reaches the skin underneath. This will both meet the conditions of wudu and make wearing nail polish convenient. 

Many companies entered the scene claiming they offer "breathable" nail polishes that allow hydration to pass -- i.e., allow water and air -- to reach the skin. The scientific validity of their experiments are often flawed and result in false positives.

Tuesday in Love’s Water Permeable Nail Polish is the first nail polish product to undergo and pass the rigorous halal certification tests of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

In addition to using only halal ingredients and manufacturing processes, Tuesday in Love’s halal nail enamel polish is water permeable. ISNA confirmed this with its valid water permeability test -- and Tuesday in Love fully complied with ISNA’s Halal Nail Polish Certification



Is Tuesday in Love Halal certified ?

Tuesday in Love Nail Polish and Cosmetics are all halal certified by ISNA Canada for both ingredients and functionality. This means that our nail polish is tested and verified as being halal not just for ingredients but also for its ability to allow water to permeate through unassisted. Under the pressure of running water the permeability is almost instantaneous and you can perform wudhu like you normally would.

You can view our halal certifications on our website at the following link:



If you have further questions about our halal certification and testing process, you can also contact ISNA Canada directly at halal@isnacanada.com



What is the difference between breathable and permeable nail polish?

Many companies making breathable nail polish have claimed that their nail polish allows water to go through it and therefore is halal nail polish & wudhu friendly. However, upon proper inspection of the scientific methods used to validate these claims, we found that breathable nail polish is NOT water permeable. Here’s why:

The most common method of doing the permeability test with breathable nail polish is placing a few drops of water on the dry polish and then rubbing the water for several seconds. However, from a scientific perspective, this method of experimentation may lead to false results for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, contamination of the water and or nail polish may occur if the experimenter is not wearing any gloves. If you’ve seen any of the online videos, you’ll notice all the experiments have been done bare handed. From a strictly scientific perspective, contamination with oils, dust, or any other residue on the experimenter's hands automatically red flags the experiment as being faulty due to the lack of purity of the chemicals and solvents involved.

econdly, this method may also lead to false results due to the different and unmeasured levels of pressure used per experiment. Although each company recommends rubbing the polish for different amounts of time, none of them explain how much pressure should be used while rubbing the nails. Therefore, your wudhu could be invalid, simply because you didn't use enough pressure when rubbing your nails.

Finally, when doing the permeability test on the paper towel or filter, the addition of friction may also rub away fibers of the absorbent surface and nail enamel causing micro abrasions (tiny holes) in the surface of the breathable nail polish. Technically, if you rubbed hard enough, you could burn a hole through the surface of any paper product. The creation of these micro abrasions may allow water to pass through creating a false positive result.



 Is Halal nail polish and vegan the same?

Muslims are Islamically permitted to consume animal products provided that they’re sourced and slaughtered as per Islam’s requirements. Such products are not vegan

But Tuesday in Love is both halal and vegan

Our halal nail polish is free of all animal products, so it’s vegan. Moreover, Tuesday in Love’s halal nail polish products are also Cruelty Free (with recognition from the Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals or Leaping Bunny).

What is water permeable nail polish ?

Tuesday in Love Water Permeable Nail Polish is made with a unique color polymer compound that allows water molecules to penetrate through its micro-pores. Unlike traditional nail polish, water and moisture can penetrate through to the nail bed providing a healthier, breathable environment. This unique nail polish is also suitable for Muslim women who need to perform wudhu (abblution) before prayers as they can do so without having to remove the nail polish.



Is your nail polish peelable?

Our nail polish is a NON-PEELABLE formula that goes on like regular nail polish. It requires nail polish remover to remove from the nails.


Do I have to rub the water to make it go though the nails?

Our nail polish does NOT require any rubbing or additional pressure to make the water permeate through while washing your hands, or while performing the water permeability test.


How to make Water Permeability Test ?

1. Shake the bottle well for 15 seconds

2. Apply 1 coat of nail polish on a dry piece of kitchen paper towel. Do not use filter paper or other papers as they may be coated with starch and chemicals which prevent water from being absorbed.

3. Once the polish is dry, place 2 to 3 drops of water on top of the polish.

4. Within a few seconds, the water should begin to permeate through the nail polish and get absorbed in the paper towel.

Is it still water permeable with top coat?

Our nail polish will remain fully water permeable with one layer of nail polish and one layer of topcoat. The permeability is reduced if using more than one layer of nail polish plus a layer of topcoat.

How many coats of nail polish will it still remain water permeable ?

Our nail polish will remain permeable with up to 2 coats. However, under the pressure of running water from a faucet, it may permeable up to 3 coats.

How do I remove my nail polish ?

Our new formula can easily be removed using any nail polish remover (acetone).  Because this formula is non-peelable, we don't recommend trying to peel off the nail polish as this may damage or chip your nails.

 Why are my nails stained yellow?

The most likely reason is a color reaction. Some colors can stain nails due to a chemical reaction between the colorant and the nail plate. This reaction is hard to predict because it doesn't happen for everybody and for every color. It can also take a few days to occur, but will go away in a few days as well.  

The best remedy for this is to use our topcoat (which is also water permeable) as a base coat. This will help protect the underlying nail from the dyes while still allowing the polish to be water permeable. We do however, recommend trying it out on a toenail or one finger first to see if it works for you. 


How do I remove yellow stains from my nails ?

Take a bowl and add warm water and slices of lemon. Soak your nails into the lemon solution for 1-2 minutes. Take the toothbrush and wet it, then squeeze some toothpaste onto the brush. Gently scrub your nails with it, wetting the nails as you go.


Can I refund or exchange nail polish?

No refund or exchange.